Increase Website Traffic

25 Ways To Increase Website Traffic in 2023

Is your site lacking traffic from google?

That’s a sad thing as a blogger!

Are you thinking that you’ll not receive any traffic from google anymore?

25 Ways To Increase Website Traffic in 2023

Nah! That’s not right, you can get thousands of organic visitors by only reading and implementing this post.

Hello, future successful bloggers. In this post, I will tell you all 25 ways to increase organic traffic from Google by just reading this and you will get a lot of your traffic on your blog.

I have increased my blog traffic by following these methods.

Increase Website Traffic
Increase Website Traffic

Many new bloggers don’t get enough traffic but after reading this blog and implementing these ways I’m sure you will get a lot of Instant Website Traffic from google on your Blog.

In this post, the techniques I am going to share with you are both free and paid.

Can we get traffic from Google without SEO? 

Yup! You can have tons of traffic from Google without doing any SEO by running ads on a different platform and by doing branding and guest posts on other websites to increase ranking.

Many popular bloggers like Neil Patel do personal branding through advertisements on different platforms.

How can we get traffic Organically?

Getting Traffic organically is not a simple task to do,

You have to do many things TO get traffic Organically From Big Search Engines like Google, Bing, and so on.

But if you are going to follow these techniques that I have followed for my blog, you will get tons of traffic for your website organically and that will be so quick and you will grow so fast.

How do get traffic from Social Media?

Getting traffic from social media is so easy. You can get millions of traffic by using different social media platforms and increase your followers on any social platform.

After reading this you’ll know lots of techniques about how you can promote your content on social media and how to increase website traffic.

How to get Traffic from Google?

You can get a lot of traffic from google by doing just on-page and off-page on your blog,

If you are new, then firstly you have to do something that Google trusts you as a Blind Lover. And doing this you will get easy traffic from google and Start ranking on Google.

Generating traffic for the website is not very hard to do. You can increase your website traffic by following these secret techniques.

Website traffic is not something that will grow instantly the reason that SEO takes some time to rank your site.

Now, you can go into the deep water with me to understand and get the secret knowledge.

1. Use Catchy Blog Post Title

A catchy Title or Headline is the key to drawing more user attention to visit the site or site.

Because this type of title attracts the user to click on your blog and read your post.

A catchy title increases your CTR which helps you and your site to rank fast on google. Most successful bloggers and influencers use this technique to get thousands of visitors in a single hour.

Why don’t we make simple headlines?

Most users don’t like dull headlines. Users always want something attractive and interesting content that will work for them.

An attractive headline helps to get more social shares.

Usually, people don’t click on a link on social media if they find the headline interesting, so it’s very important to have an impressive headline.

Tips For Writing Catchy And Great Headlines.

Use Numbers – Using numbers is the best way to get visitors because people normally like post which contains numbers like – “10 best blog tips and tricks for you”, this type of article is called a list article, and visitors want to read these types of articles because they got much more knowledge.

SEO Optimization – In an Article, you must have to focus on keywords, which will help google find out which audience are you targeting and it should be the prime focus for a blogger when you are writing a post.

Make Understandable Title – Make your title as simple as it can be so users can easily connect with your post, otherwise if they don’t understand your title they will not follow your post further.

Make it Impressive – Make your title like whenever a user or visitor sees the title they will feel excited for the post to read.

Use Interesting Words – Using some attractive words will help to catch the visitor for your post.

These are the primary things you should follow to get more CTR and traffic from Google Organically.

2. Do On-Page SEO

See the picture carefully you will get some idea about On-Page SEO,

Now let’s get more ideas about on-page SEO.

On-Page SEO is the most helpful way to increase your website rank so easily.

On the on-page see there are so many ways that can be used and you can make your site Google no.1 page on the search engine.

According to many popular bloggers, we can rank our website by only doing Just On Page Optimization.

What are the factors that help us to rank our site?

Many factors will help you to boost your rank.

I’ll share some essential factors about On-Page SEO so you will get some idea about how you can optimize your post.

Optimize Your Title Tag – You should use your targeted keyword in h1, and h2 tags, which will help your site to find out easily by the google crawler.

Use Amazing Meta Description – Use meta description for users to understand the post.

High-Quality Post – Write a post with maintaining High Quality and resourcefulness which will help you to convert your visitor to your audience.

Make Faster Your Website Than Rocket – How fast a website can load is much more important for getting visitors in On-page SEO. The reason behind this is that if a visitor needs to wait for a longer time to read the post, then there is a high chance that the visitor will leave the site. Which will increase your BOUNCE RATE and decrease Your site ranking on Google.

Now the question is, How can I boost my website speed?

You can easily boost your site speed by using the best hosting like Bluehost, Hostinger, or Cloudways. But there are other Hosting also you can get but make sure that have support for the best site speed.

Optimize Rich Snippets – The image is an example for you to understand what rich snippets are.

You can also add to your snippets but it should be valuable information. And this will help your site to rank, fetching the data by google crawler easily.

Type of Data that helps Google to understand – 

 a. Add rating on snippets

 b. Add review on snippets

 c. Use understandable and catchy meta description

 d. Add reviewer name on snippets.

3. Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO is one of the best ways you can use to increase your site ranking on Google.

There are lots of factors about OFF-Page SEO but I will discuss some important SEO factors which will help you to boost your site ranking,

 a. Link Building – Link Building is important to rank on Google but you have to be focused on high-quality link Building.

  b. Video Submission – Share videos on some big websites like – Youtube, and Facebook will have a great chance to get lots of traffic to your Blog.

 c. Blog Promotion – Blog promotions are another way to get viewers for your website. You can use Quora, and Reddit to promote your sites.

d. Branding Yourself – Branding Yourself means, Getting known by people as much as you can. If you can do that it will help you to get trust towards your people.

Tips on Brand Yourself 

  • First, understand who your audience is.
  • Help everyone to gain their trust.
  • Always be honest with everyone.

4. Use Long Tail Keyword

Long keywords are always beneficial for ranking on Google. Many bloggers and Affiliate Marketers are recommended to focus on long keywords because it helps newbies to get more traffic in a short time. If you are a newbie then I’ll recommend you like everyone to use long keywords to get more traffic from others.

5. Optimize Your Images

Optimizing images helps to get traffic from Google Images.

Tips to optimize Image –

  • Use a plugin like Resmush. it
  • Compress the image before uploading it to the blog
  • Use WP Rocket to increase speed.

6. Use Attractive Theme

An attractive theme is always helpful to attract more users and make it feel like a professional website which will help your visitor to trust you. That will help to sell your products. On using an attractive theme keep in mind that it should be lightweight otherwise your site load time will increase which will be a negative point for your site.

7. Write Long Articles

Writing a post is easier but writing quality content that helps to solve a problem for users is a tough thing to do. But you should focus on writing useful content or posts.

Many newbie bloggers don’t focus on writing quality content which causes them less traffic. Usually long content gets more shares.

For writing long content, don’t lose focus on the quality of the content. Google always recommends long content which contains more details. Thus it will help you to rank on Google easily.

8. Use Best Plugin

The plugin does not help you to get traffic directly but indirectly helps.

Some premium plugins help blogs to load faster than normal sites and Google confirms that faster sites always rank fast.

I recommend you to use a plugin like –

  • Thrive Architect – Thrive Architect is one of the best plugins for designing the page for your site. This plugin has much more advanced tools than other plugins. Currently, I’m using this for my website to design site pages.
  • WP Rocket – This is the best plugin for increasing your site speed. This plugin gives us amazing features that will help you to boost your site.

9. Paid Advertisement

Paid advertisements can drive more sales, even visitors to your sites.

Many bloggers or affiliate marketers use these tricks for driving more visitors or sales for them. Believe me, if you use properly optimized ads you can earn a handsome amount of money from a single advertisement.

10. Start Email Marketing 

Email Marketing is a great way to increase sales or increase traffic for their sites. Many Bloggers like Kulwant Nagi earn 8000+ dollars in just four days by doing email marketing for Black Friday Sale.

You can also use email marketing which will provide you with lots of sales or tons of visitors.

Email Marketing is important for a couple of reasons 

  • They will help you to get sales.
  • It will help you to get tons of traffic to your websites.

How to Collect Email For Email Marketing?

We can use three steps to get our visitors’ emails –

  • Using an email Pop up Option in our blog.
  • Provide Solutions to problems or knowledge 
  • Don’t try to force your user to buy products.

11. Use Facebook Group

This is the best way to do your Branding and increase your website traffic.

We will talk in this part, about how can you drive traffic from your blog through Facebook Groups.

Yes, We can drive tons of traffic through Facebook Groups.

Almost every blogger has their Facebook groups where they post everyday SEO News and interesting facts with what they try to connect with their readers.

I have even started my Facebook Group which helped me to grow like a rocket. Normally I have just shared many facts and new things which connected to my audience.

You can also drive traffic through Facebook Groups by just following these steps – 

  • Join other groups and share posts.
  • Make your group and help people.
  • Do blog promotions to stay connected with Facebook Groups.
  • Ask questions in groups frequently and make your group Active.

12. Start YouTube Channel

We are in the Golden Phase of the internet, Youtube is one of the easiest ways to earn money and drive traffic through Starting Youtube Channel.

I guess you already know how to start a YouTube channel but do you know How to drive traffic?

There are ways to increase your site traffic by uploading videos on your Youtube Channel.

YouTube is the best way to get visitors to your Blog by just uploading simple Videos but it has to be informational videos.

Many famous bloggers like Neil Patel are uploading videos on YouTube which help him to get tons of visitors.

Neil Patel is uploading videos for Branding himself which is the technique to get visitors.

Whenever you are popular, usually Google ranks you higher than other bloggers. Also, people directly come to your site for help.

Ways of getting visitors to your site – 

  • Add your site links with the descriptions of the videos
  • Choose topics that are relevant to the site
  • Add affiliate links to make some money

13. Use the Best Social Share Plugin

Social Share Plugin is essential for any blogging site. Because it helps users to share on social sites. Using the best plugin helps to make it beautiful for the sites.

Bloggers use many plugins for this, but the best Social Share Plugin is Social Snap. This has both free and paid versions. Currently, I’m using this plugin and I’m getting a fan of it.

14. Do Podcast

Nowadays podcasts are trending on the internet. Many bloggers do podcasts and receive a ton of traffic from the only podcast.

Neil Patel got a lot of traffic from only doing a podcast called Marketing School.

You can do podcasts by using a plugin that helps to podcast.

How can we drive traffic through a podcast?

  • Use social media 
  • Use story advantage 
  • Share your podcast in all groups 

15. Use SSL

SSL does not help you to get traffic but it helps you to rank on Google.

Google always says that trust is the most important thing to get run. SSL makes a site secure which helps users to believe in the site.

16. Use Quora 

Quora is a website where you can directly promote your website and get traffic by helping others.

Quora is the best Platform for sharing your knowledge and getting traffic or sales. Many Bloggers do this technique to get visitors or get sales.


Bloggers normally answer people’s questions and share links that redirect to their sites or share links of their Affiliates and make money from Quora.

Bloggers like Neil Patel are getting massive traffic from Quora.

Neil Patel shares his site’s reports where they reveal that they got high traffic from Quora.

You can also get traffic from Quora by just helping others.

Tips for increasing traffic from Quora – 

  • Add value to your answer 
  • Don’t add links in all answer
  • Make the answer easy for all to understand 

17. Use Pinterest

Do you know?

You can have tons of traffic by just pinning the image to Pinterest.

This is the one most famous blogger report, and you can see that he got 1800 Monthly visitors through this profile and most of it converts into my site visitors.

Many bloggers don’t use this site, but everyone should use this technique. Bloggers like Anti Singla shared his experience and said if you wanna get traffic from any platform, you have to spend time on that platform.

How to increase traffic on Pinterest Profile?

Use the following tips to increase traffic on your Pinterest profile – 

  1. Pin daily 10+ images
  2. Add your site link to get referral traffic
  3. Use keywords like the blogger in your profile

18. Share Your Sites Link in Different Platforms

First of all, Sharing is caring [ Now, please care for me by Sharing this post ]

You have to share every article on every Social media to get a lot of traffic from social media.

If you don’t share your article on social media then sure you are losing traffic from there.

So share on social media and enjoy a lot of traffic from there.

19. Updating Outdated Content

It’s an experience from a Reader blog.

So, what happens in their blog is not getting the Traffic that he is expecting. So he made some changes to his blog.

What did he do exactly?

They could publish a new post, rather than polish the existing post and publish it like fresh content.

He did more Research and added Fresh Graphics, Internal Links, and External Links. Moreover, he also makes Links for his updated Content.

It takes a lot of time to be in action But after all, the work result is unbelievable.

Before implementing this page, views were around 100-200 per day.

But after the polish of posts, the pageviews rose around 90-95%.

20. Add Video In Post

You can add a video in the post to maintain the bounce rate of your website.

When you are adding the video to the posting user will attract or watch the videos which will prevent the bounce rate of the website.

Don’t add too much video otherwise, there’s a possibility that users get confused.

21. Comment On The Blogs

Commenting on others’ blogs can help to make you good friends in this section and will be helpful for the backlinks.

If anyone clicks on your profile then they redirect to your site which will help you to get instant website traffic.

But don’t put links in the comment text.

22. Using Click-to-Tweet Links

This is so simple strategy,

But it will give a kick to get started for your traffic. I have implemented the same strategy on my website and that helps me a lot to get traffic like a rockstar.

 So you must use the click-to-tweet button in your post to get some boost.

23. Use Infographics

In 2016 Brain shared that we can get lots of traffic from backlinks but we can also get a lot of traffic using infographics.

SO tips you can use for use infographics – 

  • Add brands mentioned below in the Infographics
  • Make graphics that look professional 
  • Tell them to give ratings on your infographics images

24. Write Content that Shares

Creating Good Content takes a lot of effort,

We only focus on creating good content for our blog but we should also focus on creating some eye-catching content that attracts visitors to share the content on social media.

If you can do that then your post will go viral on social media which will give you a boost in traffic.

Here are some tips to write a blog post in the fastest way- 

  • First, create an outline of your blog post using the Subheading 
  • Now collect and compress images that you are gonna use in the post
  • Skip the introduction part and start
  • After finishing with the subheading write your post’s intro and conclusion
  • Upload images and screenshots in black spaces

Don’t upload images when you are writing, just use gaps for the images. Upload later with SEMrush assistant for upload and have a proper on-page SEO


I have tried my best to share all my knowledge which can be helpful for you to grow your website’s traffic fast.

If you implement all the ways I have shared it will help your website traffic easily and quickly.

Let me know what you think about the post. And share the method which helps you to grow.

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